There are times when you just have to



Download the Movit app

Download and install Movit on your Android phone before you travel.

Get it on Google Play Get it on Google Play

Purchase a local SIM card

At your destination and slot the card into your secondary phone.

Singapore Number -> Local Bali Number
Enter Phone Number


Let's Movit

Start the app. Enter your overseas number. Select, "Let's Movit".


When Movit is armed

Anyone who calls your main number will get a busy tone. Movit will ring your secondary phone, showing the caller's Caller ID. Answer the phone and Movit will then connect you to the caller who will see your main phone Caller ID, indicating that you are calling back.



When you can't take calls

Set Movit to "Do Not Disturb". Movit will list all missed calls when DND is on. Simply click on the number on the missed calls list to call back when you are ready to do so.

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